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How do we print logo on T-shirts and other products?

How do we print logo on T-shirts and other products?

We would like to tell you how we brand your orders in Printbar using various methods:

  • DTF printing
  • Thermal films (about 50 types)
  • Embroidery

DTF printing in Baku is an innovative digital printing technology that is carried out on special PET films. This method allows you to apply a variety of prints on clothes, cuts, fabrics and other finished products. The abbreviation DTF comes from the English "Direct To Film", which means direct to film. The essence of this technology lies in the fact that digital printing is carried out using special pigment inks on PET film.

One of the key advantages of DTF printing is that the image is first applied to an environmentally friendly film using water-based ink, then fixed with a special powder and subjected to heat treatment.

DTF printing equipment plays a key role in this process.

At PrintBar.Az, we use high quality equipment made in Japan, as well as vibrant ECO inks made in Taiwan. Thanks to this technological base set, we are able to print in ultra-high resolution, ensuring the high quality of your prints.

The benefits of DTF technology include:

  • High productivity and speed of order fulfillment.
  • The use of eco-friendly water-based paints makes this method environmentally friendly.
  • Can be used on various types of fabrics without the need for a primer.
  • The ability to create full-color images with complex transitions between shades.
  • Durability and image resistance to wear, shedding and fading.
  • DTF printing technology provides new opportunities for creating unique and vibrant designs on textiles, making them unique and attractive to your target audience. At PrintBar.Az, we are proud to bring this innovative technology to Baku that enhances the style and quality of your products.

Thus, when you want to order a T-shirt with your image in Baku, if it contains a photo, full-color colors with transitions, a gradient, we use DTF printing technology.

Thermal films or "flex"

Flex films are applied to textiles. Applying with flex makes clothes unusual and sets them apart from the general background. After all, such application allows you to use colors and textures that are not available to other branding methods.

The thermofilm has a wide choice of flowers and various invoice. Thin film is called flex film, thermal film with a fleecy surface is called flock film. Thermal films have various purposes: for printing on cotton (blended) fabrics or nylon; for dense and elastic fabrics. There are also films designed for pre-applying a full-color photo-quality image.

Thermal printing can be done when applying the logo on natural, mixed and synthetic fabrics. Thermal films allow to apply the image on nylon, polyamide-nylon, polyester, polyester-acrylic and many other impregnated fabrics.

We buy thermal films directly from Korea.

In this way, we can offer our customers the best price among competitors in the field of printing and printing t-shirts, caps, hoods, jackets and present a wider range of branding methods.


Computerized embroidery is a technique that allows you to create permanent patterns on textiles such as polo shirts, baseball caps, sweatshirts and many others.

When using machine embroidery on clothes, special computer programs adjust the image size, number of shades, stitch density and other parameters. Depending on the characteristics of the material, embroidery can be done directly on the product or on a separate element, such as a chevron, which is then sewn or steamed to the garment.

The process of embroidering logos not only gives style and branding to clothes, but also allows you to express the uniqueness of your brand. Each stitch adds personality and character to your garment, making it recognizable in the crowd.

Fabric embroidery is a more expensive method of applying a logo, but it has a number of immediate advantages:

  • A unique and elegant appearance that naturally complements the structure of the fabric.
  • High durability and image stability for a long time.
  • Ability to use different types of threads and embroidery techniques to create a variety of effects.
  • The ability to create three-dimensional (3D) images, which adds depth and interest to the design.
  • Thus, machine embroidery is not just a method, but an art that can emphasize the personality of your brand and give your clothes a unique style.

At PrintBar.Az, we are proud to provide this unique textile branding method that adds recognizability and originality to your clothes.

Whatever printing method you choose, we will provide you with a quality product in compliance with all technological standards.

Be sure that when ordering a printed T-shirt in Baku, we will deliver your order as soon as possible, and you will be satisfied with the result.

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