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Best places for logo!

Best places for logo!

Popular places to place your logo!

Add style to your brand with the professionals from Printbar.az. We provide you with the perfect places to place your logo on your clothing. Let's look at how to make your brand stylish and memorable.

1. Upper Left Corner - Minimalism and Laconism

Ideal for corporate style. Create an elegant look with our discreet logos in the top left corner. This style is great for a corporate look.

2. Center Stripe - Your Logo in Focus

Suitable for placing logos in various formats. Place your unique logo in the center and you will always be the center of attention.

3. Sleeves - Dynamism and Creativity

Ideal for creative prints and logos. Express your personality on your sleeves by adding bright and creative elements. We can even offer embroidery on the sleeve if your circulation for ordering T-shirts or other clothing in Baku exceeds 20 pieces.

4. Back - Secret Details

Great for direct printing, screen printing, reflective or reflective, holographic film, or DTF. Let your customers discover unique details with their back turned to you.

5. Lower Left Corner - Restrained Individuality

Ideal for printing logos using thermal film, flex, or DTF. Add a small but impactful accent to the bottom left corner to highlight your personality.

Ready to bring your brand to life? Visit the Printbar.az showroom and choose the perfect place for your logo.

The emblems on the top left corner give a more corporate look, while the creative prints on the sleeves add a touch of creativity to your look. Your style, your choice!

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